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Anthem Family Stars in Docu-Series on WEtv

When the Bruce family began their life together, they seemed to have everything going for them.

Todd Bruce had a prosperous contracting business and two children -- Heather and Levi. Laura Rumsey, a teacher and mother to five children -- Bailey, Danielle and triplets Whitney, Dylan, and Rex -- was an easy-going mom who loved to spoil her kids.

When Todd and Laura married, 10 months after their first date, the families merged and became a modern-day "Brady Bunch." They lived a lavish lifestyle with vacations, expensive dinners, and summer homes.

But when the real estate market crashed, their world turned upside down. Todd's business buckled, savings were depleted and the family lost their two homes to foreclosure. The aftermath of the Bruce's economic nightmare is the subject of a docu-series on WEtv called Downsized.

Find out more about the new series that starts this week, after the jump ...

The eight-episode series follows the Arizona family as they fight to stay economically stable. The family has to swap their old life of extra-curricular activities, shopping sprees and over-the-top spending with coupon clipping, budgeting, and in one instance, dumpster diving.

The household of nine, which includes seven teen/pre-teenagers, struggles to deal with their sudden lifestyle change, but through love, humor and discipline, manage to navigate through personal and financial difficulties.

Downsized premieres on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WEtv. For more information, visit

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