Be a Bride in This Weekend's Brides of March

The Arizona Cacophony Society, fresh from their wild runs at the Idiotarod, are at it again and this time they're bringing white weddings onto the Metro Light Rail this Saturday.

They plan to hold their third annual Brides of March, where men and women  dress themselves in wedding or bridesmaid dresses, garter belts, and veils before running across the valley for a few hours (and pints) and dumping off to a sweet after-party.

As easy as it may sound, members of the AZ Cacophony Society and repeat participants warn that certain preparations must be made in order to properly rock a bridal look for the march.

1) Find your dress at a bargain.
Most members suggest that getting wedding dresses donated from mothers, sisters, in-laws and such is the best way to go. If you can't get one from family or friends, try the local Goodwill, but be wary that you may drop more cash than you intended if you wait too long to grab it.

2) Doesn't fit? Hack it!
Since a good grip of the participants of the event are men, most of the dresses are going to be a tight fit. To help with this, Cacophony members encourage "hacking" dresses or altering them like manly men would, with sharp things and glue. They've even included this helpful guide on how to make that perfect dress fit without having to diet for six months.

3) Accessorize!
Veils are a must if you're going to be in the march, but if you're wearing a short number you may want to include stockings, garters, and heels to complete the look. Tennis shoes are okay to wear since there is a great bit of walking involved, but gloves and clutches are a nice touch to have.

Once you've gotten your look down, all that's left is to show up at Tempe Beach Park at noon and away you go to drink and be merry on your special day.

The Brides of March event is set for March 12 and open to all who come in dress. More details can be found on the Arizona Cacophony Society website.

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Christen Bejar
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