Ben Mollin on Hair Wars, Shear Genius, and His Favorite Hair Trends

October 13 at W Hotel in Scottsdale won't just be a typical Sunday night. It will be a chance for Arizona to get to know Ben Mollin and the most talented salon teams in Arizona, who will bring out all the stops during Hair Wars the Supreme Salon Tour.

Lucky for us, Mollin (whom you might recognize from Bravo's Shear Genius) is the host of this unforgettable hair affair. From a stylist doing hair out of his living room and record shops to being a world-renowned hair tamer and educator, his career has had quite the trajectory. Mollin caught up with Jackalope Ranch to dish on the upcoming event, chat about his love for brutal metal, how his wife and partner Angela inspires him, and how he considers himself the luckiest man in the world.

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As a child, you were very creative, playing music and learning. When you told your parents you wanted to go to hair school, what was their reaction?    My parents were 100 percent on board there. Both are retired school teachers and also musician[s], [and] theater people, so they totally got it, paid for it, and have always supported it. [They're] my biggest fans.

The industry first saw all of your talents on reality TV show Shear Genius. What was your experience like? It was a game changer. I didn't even try out for it. Someone gave my name to NBC, and they just called me out of the blue. I said okay, they flew me out, and then my life changed forever.

Was Tabatha really that big of a nightmare? Tabatha is the coolest. We're still very good friends and work on the same bill from time to time. She's been a huge help. 

Would you do a show like Shear Genius again? Probably not.

What was it like taking a hiatus from your job to compete in that show? Everybody thought I was in the hospital or something. You can't use your phone or email when you film. So my clients were like, "WTF?"

How long have you been hosting Hair Wars? Seven years.

Does seeing all the crazy shit the hair dressers competing do inspire you?   Absolutely, I love the energy and creativity.

What bands or music would you choose if you were going to compete? SLAYER or Big Daddy Kane.

What theme would love to see that has not been done yet? Mods versus rockers would be cool. We see a lot of Alice in Wonderlands. LOL.

Would you do another reality TV show on hair wars? That's the plan and what were working towards it would make great TV. Fingers crossed.

Are you still playing music? Indeed. I don't have time to play out, so I do a lot of home recording on my iPad. All comedy, then I make videos to go with it to crack up my friends.

What Salons do you work at now? I'll do an out-of-town guest spot here and there, but I'm full-time in my shop Ben Mollin Hair Education in Indiana.

What are some of your favorite things to do behind the chair or experiment with?  I love doing bold lines and asymmetry, however my favorite thing to do is a classic bob with super-loud color patterns.

What are some hair trends that you are loving right now? I'm way digging the lob [long bob].

Trends you wish would come back? Breakdancing.

Mollin's sense of humor, creative edge, and experience make him part of why Hair Wars is so entertaining. That's not to mention the half-nude models elaborate hair-styling, extreme makeup, body painting, and of course a runway. It's all but guaranteed to leave your mind blown and hairs on edge.

Hair Wars goes down at W Hotel in Scottsdale on Sunday, October 13. Doors open at 5 p.m. Tickets are $10 to $20. Get yours at www.wscottsdaletickets.com‎ or by calling 480-306-5845. This is a 21-and-over event.

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