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DIY Scratch-Off Photo

Unless you play the lottery, you probably don't run into many scratch-off activities these days. But we're here to bring 'em back. 

I've had my eye on creating a scratch-off photograph for a while (thanks, Pinterest), but couldn't settle on a photo. I didn't want to risk ruining a perfect picture if this didn't work. But then I came across this random shot of one of the many army men that lurk around my house. PERFECT!

This project does work, but not the way I expected. The paint is a lot harder to scrub off than most people are probably accustomed to -- it's definitely not as easy as a lottery ticket, but it's a good trick to know anyway. 

I can see many uses for it in the future, including the suggestion that comes from the original tutorial -- to use it as a Valentine.

You will need:
dish soap
acrylic paint in any color -- silver for a more traditional piece
paint brush
a container to mix the paint in
measuring spoon
a cutting board, or other surface to work on
Polariod photo OR other glossy photo print

To make:
Tape the borders of your photo. Take care to make sure tape is really stuck, so it won't bleed like mine did.

Mix 2 parts paint with 1 part dish soap. I used 1/4 teaspoon soap and 1/2 teaspoon paint.

Paint over the photo. Let it dry, then paint another layer. 

Remove the tape when it's completely dry.

Scratch it!

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Laura Gill