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Filmmaker Vikram Gandhi on Gurus, Yoga, and His New Comedy ''Kumaré: The True Story of a False Prophet'

If you've ever sought out spiritual enlightenment or been dragged to a hot yoga studio where some guy in his underwear is chanting what sounds to be the Eastern version of Do-Re-Mi, then you've probably asked yourself some of the same questions as New York-based filmmaker, Vikram Gandhi.

Vikram Gandhi's first feature length documentary, Kumaré, explores spiritual authenticity of self-proclaimed prophets, in a social experiment he calls "The Spiritual Placebo Effect." The film centers around an enlightened guru named Sri Kumaré who comes to Phoenix and establishes a base of devoted followers, students of his spiritual teachings.

The movie, which has been released in select theaters around the country, will be premiering at Harkins Valley Art Theater tonight. Jacaklope Ranch was able to connect with Vikram earlier this week to ask him a few questions about the film, and what he wants people will take away from it.

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