Game Over: Organizers of Annual Video Game Fest "Devastation" Cancel This Year's Event

Gamers of the Valley, put down your controllers for a second and pay attention, because we've got some bad news: This year's Devastation is a no-go.

According to an organizer of the annual event -- which has taken place since 2005 and is essentially a gigantic video gaming fest featuring professional tournaments, cosplay action, and other joystick-related fun -- the 2012 edition of Devastation has been cancelled.

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Robb Chiarini, event director for Devastation, confirmed that it was game over of this year's event during a brief phone conversation with Jackalope Ranch yesterday afternoon and stated it was due to "personal and financial reasons."

Chiarini was unable to provide further information, but added that an official explanation from Devastation's organizers would be provided sometime next week.

Devastation's cancellation will most certainly bum out the thousands of gamers from around Arizona and elsewhere who were eager to thrash both friends and foes alike in such games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Madden NFL 13.

The thing is, most of 'em probably already suspected that this year's event wasn't going to take place. Over the past few months, several people have posted questions to Devastation's official Facebook page inquiring about the status of the event. Most of the time, however, their questions were met with silence.

One such curious party was Gunot Alvarez, a resident of Ajo who asked earlier this month on Facebook: "So its true huh? No devastation this year?"

Korey Burns, another Devastation fan, replied simply, "[It] looks to be that way."

Look at the bright side, fellas: At least you'll have plenty of time to practice your fragging for the 2013 edition of Devastation.

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