Heath Wigginton of Desire Within

When he's not listening to the comedian Joe Rogan's podcast or watching daytime returns of Law and Order, Heath Wigginton wears the white uniform and loose fitting brown belt of a 13-year jiu jitsu practitioner and instructor. A fan of routine, he religiously visits Yogi's Grill for teriyaki chicken with brown rice or Subway for a chicken marinara sub.

Mesa High Class of 1990, Heath has worked as a tow-truck driver, re-po man, and security company owner. But if you visit the Desire Within gentlemen's club on University Drive in Phoenix, you might not see him unless he has to emerge from his dark warren of cameras to escort you from the premises.

We sat down with Heath to get some straight talk about his history, the adult entertainment industry and the strangest customer he's ever had ... 

Last job:
I was at Fantasy Island cabaret for a few years before this. An arsonist burned down the club while I was in it and was never caught. I escaped the building and watched it burn down waiting for the fire trucks to arrive.

Everyone always thinks it's great to always be around half-naked women when in reality you get used to it and hardly notice after a while. Girls often ask me for my opinion or advice from a guy's perspective. But they tend to disregard it and do the exact opposite. I mostly keep my thoughts to myself.

Difference between a gentlemen's club and a cabaret or strip club:
More VIP shows, less stage performances and more privacy. Also, there's no alcohol served. We don't have loud music blaring.

View of women:
Hasn't changed. But it has changed the way I see men. Most men are pretty deceitful. Some will assume the dancers are prostitutes, which they are not. Wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard, "I can't use my credit card because I don't want my wife to know."

Strangest customer:
A bald fifty year old guy came in dressed as a women and wanted to do a strip tease for one of the dancers.

An out of state customer said, "I'm going to have to be physically removed from the building." He woke up in the parking lot. But mostly I try to talk people into leaving. Sometimes, people just want to be heard.

Toughest part of job:
Having to stay up all night.

Benefits of job:
Getting to train jiu jitsu during the day and sleeping in late.

Favorite show:
Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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