Inspired Restyle: A Merit Badge Necklace

Simple summer necklaces are a must. When you don't want to wear much in the way of clothing because it's damn hot, accessorizing really makes a difference.

This little number is inspired by Anthropologie's Merit Badge Necklace. Theirs is $88, but you can make your own for a couple of bucks.

Learn how to make a painted wooden necklace after the jump.

-- Bag of mixed wood pieces
-- Craft Paint
-- Painters Tape
-- Craft Knife
-- Self-healing mat
-- Drill and drill bit
-- Craft/jewelry twine

1. Lay out wood pieces and select those you'd like to use.

2. Using a small drill bit, drill holes into each piece of wood.

3. Sand wood pieces.

4. Mask wood with painter's tape (so the paint only goes where you want it to).

5. Using craft paint, paint each piece of wood.

6. Allow wood pieces to dry completely.
7. Remove painter's tape.

8. Use colored masking tape and a craft knife to cut lines and arrows, attach by rubbing with a small kitchen squeegee or scraper.

9. String through the craft/jewelry twine.

10. Tie off twine - wear it!

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