Judgmental Map of Phoenix Stereotypes Your Neighborhood

Nearly every Phoenix neighborhood has its stereotypes. There are the safe but boring cookie-cutter breeder colonies, the historic neighborhoods we wish we could live in, the up-and-coming 'hoods trying to shed their ramshackle images, and the areas known as the Williamsburg and Bushwick of Phoenix.

But a new map is taking these unspoken identities a step further with an unfiltered, unapologetic map of metro Phoenix.

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The map was created by Arizona native Justin Dougherty and submitted to the controversial Tumblr, Judgmental Maps. The Valley map, which went up Thursday, March 6, already gotten has a fair amount of shares on social media, with reactions ranging everywhere from laughter to, well, not.

That's not surprising, since the map labels everything from the "Mormons" and "dead people" in Mesa to "wealthy drug addicts" and "rich Republicans" in Scottsdale to "Tent City Patrons" of South Phoenix, and "Injuns" in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

For a closer look at a very un-PC PHX, or to submit your own version, visit Judgmental Maps.

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