Make a Steampunk Stash Box

Stash boxes are neat, and the steampunk variety has the cogs, gears, and totally unassuming storage space to prove it. Take the one to the right, made by Phoenix audio engineer Christian Whitmore.

Whitmore isn't your typical costume-wearing, toy gun-toting steampunk fan; he just says he likes the look. So when he recently took inventory of the extra audio equipment he had laying around, he figured he could make a few things -- and hide a few things -- in the process of organizing.

"I just needed a new artistic project to do and [wanted to] create a cool conversation piece."

Find out how to make a rustic keep-away box after the jump.

To make a steampunk stash box you will need:

- Wooden wine/whiskey box
- Drill bit for cutting large diameter holes
- Leather scraps and leather dye (prime spot to get these cheap is Tandy Leather)
- 5-minute epoxy (can be found at Ace Hardware)
- Wood screws
- Gauge (pressure or VU meter will do)
- Vacuum tubes
- Wood screws
- Sandpaper

1) Cut the leather scraps and wear them down using sandpaper or other tools, then dye them. Wait about an hour for these to dry.

Place the dried leather pieces on the wooden box, whatever way you fancy, and glue them down with epoxy. Kick back and watch some TV for an hour while it dries.

3) Drill a hole with the large diameter drill bit into the front of your chosen box.

4) Then mount your chosen gauge into the hole using epoxy. Add the wooden screws for extra hold and add to the antique feel. Wait an hour for the epoxy to dry.

5) Now generously apply epoxy to the vacuum tubes (the small light bulb looking things) and stick them to the front or top of the box. Guess what? This takes another hour to dry, too!

Add any additional gears, cogs, copper wire, or other pieces you'd like with the epoxy. Once you have fully customized your creation, you'll officially have constructed a steampunk stash box that'll impress all your airship pirate friends.

Whitmore commented that the vacuum tubes can be hard to obtain and he would be happy to help anyone who needs these for this project. He can be contacted via email here

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