Behold: 18-2120 in all its glory.
Behold: 18-2120 in all its glory.

Pantone Announces 2011 Color of the Year, Honeysuckle

Pantone Color Institute, a world-renowned authority on color, announced the 2011 color of the year last week.

Give a big congratulations to 18-2120, Honeysuckle.

Designers and artists alike are buzzing about this decision -- a dramatic departure from the 2010 color, Turquoise.

Pantone makes the announcement every year and (literally) sets the tone for the year's design color schemes from wall paint to bridesmaid dresses.

Here's what Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute had to say about Honeysuckle on the Pantone website:

"In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going - perfect to ward off the blues," Eiseman says. "Honeysuckle derives its positive qualities from a powerful bond to its mother color red, the most physical, viscerally alive hue in the spectrum."

Designers, take note.


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