Sorry cosplayers but your staffs will have to stay at home.EXPAND
Sorry cosplayers but your staffs will have to stay at home.
Benjamin Leatherman

Phoenix Comicon 2017: Here's What You Can and Can't Bring to the Event

Good news for cosplayers attending Phoenix Comicon 2017: You can bring your helmets, masks, and fairy wings to the event after all.

About 12 hours after announcing a blanket ban on all costuming props following Thursday’s arrest of a gunman inside the Phoenix Convention Center, organizers of Phoenix Comicon have eased up a bit.

And many Comicon attendees are probably going to be pleased with the news, especially cosplayers of the Doctor Who, Harry Potter, furry, and fairy variety.

On Friday, Comicon officials announced that mock weapons and certain other cosplay items, such as staffs, are still forbidden at the event. Costume gear and accessories like wings and hats, however, will be allowed.

Exhibitor Hall vendors will still be selling props and simulated weapons. But those items have to remain wrapped at all times. Organizers are also encouraging Comicon attendees to take such items to their cars or hotel rooms as soon as possible after purchase.

As we've previously reported, organizers have also increased security measures, including bag searches, at the convention center. This has resulted in enormous lines and extended waiting times to get into the event.

Here’s a full rundown of what is permitted at Phoenix Comicon, effective today.

- Costumes
- Hats and helmets
- Masks
- Wands
- Sonic screwdrivers
- Plushies
- Fairy wings
- Ears
- Empty holsters
- Signs attached to costumes
- Fur suits/furry costumes
- Cardboard costumes and non-weapon props
- Dishware associated with costumes
- Empty quivers
- Power Ranger Morphers
- Umbrellas
- Service and assistance animals
- Outside food and drink
- Ghostbuster proton packs, provided the Neutrino wand is either disconnected or permanently holstered

Starting on Friday, these will be the only guns permitted at Phoenix Comicon 2017.EXPAND
Starting on Friday, these will be the only guns permitted at Phoenix Comicon 2017.
Benjamin Leatherman

And here’s everything that’s verboten:

- Alcoholic beverages
- Illegal drugs and related
- Edged weapons (swords, knifes, throwing stars, etc.)
- Impact weapons (clubs, bats, staffs, nunchaku, shields, hammers and martial arts weapons)
- Firearms (guns, rifles, pistols)
- Archery weapons (cross bows and bolts, bows and arrows of all types)
- Weapons from fictional sources (lightsabers, plasma weapons, laser, phasers, etc.)
- Chain wallets

According to Phoenix Comicon organizers, other items that aren't specifically included on the lists will be subject to the discretion of security and may or may not be permitted at the event.

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