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Phoenix to Brooklyn: Meet the New New Yorkers

Editor's note: Claire Lawton worked at New Times and edited Jackalope Ranch for three years, 'til this summer, when she packed up and moved to Brooklyn. This week's New Times cover story focuses on the creative forces in Phoenix who've stuck around the past decade; Lawton checked in with some Phoenicians who now call New York home.

On a breezy night in October, visual artist Dave Quan, photographer Dayvid LeMmon, and I met up for a drink on the charming, bubble-lit patio of Huckleberry, a cocktail bar in Brooklyn, New York. The three of us are relatively new transplants to the Big City, and while none of us like to say we started a trend, we're part of a growing population of Phoenix creatives who recently packed our bags and moved across the country.

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Claire Lawton
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