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SeeSaw's Three Designers Call it Splits

Before you get letter(de)pressed, know that Angela Hardison, Raquel Raney, and Lindsay Tingstrom are staying in town and are all working on new projects. 

The three local designers, who met in graphic design school at ASU and opened SeeSaw Designs in Scottsdale, had us at their "hello there" letterpress cards, whimsical graphic designs, kickass blog, and vintage etsy shop

But after long discussion(s) and four successful years in the community, the three are parting ways. 

We ran into Raquel Raney at the Phoenix Design Museum. She says the split is amicable -- all three ultimately wanted different things for the firm. She's now working on a few new collaborative projects with her sister and visual artist, Rebeca Raney, and she's planning on launching her own design firm, Raneytown, this month. 

Hardison says she and Tingstrom will continue their design work and will keep their current clients but will be operating separate, freelance careers. 

All three say their shop and blog will close, but that you can stay tuned to their websites (Raquel Raney, Angela Hardison, and Lindsay Tingstrom) for future projects. 

Better grab those Martha Stewart-blessed letterpress calendars while you still can ... 

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Claire Lawton
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