The Kingston Rum Punch at The Breadfruit's Rum Bar

Since there's really no better accessory than a cocktail in your hand, each week brings you a tasty adult beverage from one of our favorite drinking establishments, complete with a recipe.

This week: The Kingston Rum Punch at The Breadfruit's Rum Bar

The Valley's Jamaican food staple, The Breadfruit, just punched another staple in Phoenix culture. This time in the form of a rum bar. The restaurant's new neighboring addition, named Rum Bar, is yep, you guessed it, a bar that specializes in premium aged rums and authentic Caribbean cocktail concoctions and in turn specializes in winning our hearts.

Owner Dwayne Allen's Kingston Rum Punch wont just give you a little taste of Jamaica; It'll straight up punch you in the mouth. The key here is hand-squeezed pineapple juice. Yeah, mon, hand squeezed. Rum Bar isn't about expediency, it's about experience.

(recipe after the jump.)

1 oz. Wray & Nephew White Over-proof Rum
1 ½ oz. Fresh Squeezed Orange juice
1 ½ oz. hand squeezed Pineapple juice
½ oz. lime juice
½ oz. homemade grenadine (pomegranate juice, simple syrup and turbinado sugar)
¼ oz. passion fruit
Float of Meyers Original Dark Rum

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Punch the air with love and pour results into high ball glass. Top off with Meyers Dark as a floater to finish. Garnish glass with a fresh slice of pineapple. We be jammin'.

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