The Lab in Central Phoenix Provides Creatives a Collaborative Work Environment

The Lab in Phoenix is a new space with a simple mission: to bring together creatives in a co-working environment. Located at 818 North Central Avenue, the space is a simple-yet sophisticated environment dedicated to building local culture through art, design, and outreach.

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Robert Renteria, owner of the Lab, has been around the Phoenix design scene since before there really was one. Renteria is a freelance graphic designer by trade, whose recent work with Mother Bunch Brewing, O.H.S.O. Eatery, and the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation demonstrate both his expertise and his dedication to creating beautiful graphics for both local businesses and not-for-profit companies.

Renteria wants to involve the community with the Lab space, and hopes to fill a void in Phoenix of coworking environments that specifically serve creative professionals. While he sings the praises of similar local concepts like Co.+Hoots and Gangplank HQ, he feels that the Lab will stand out as a space specifically catered to the needs of creative professionals. "This is a place where writers, designers, and creatives can come and actually get work done."

Excited by the influx of local commerce and young adults to the downtown Phoenix area, Renteria notes that the students, non-profit companies, and artists working on grant-funded projects will always be able to use the space for no cost. He adds, "This is a place to meet the community." Renteria doesn't want a lack of funding to be a barrier to someone getting started in the design world.

For for-profit companies or established professionals, the Lab will charge a small fee of $10 per day or $50 per month. This fee allows visitors use of the Lab's printer, ample desk space, comfortable meeting zone, wireless internet, kitchen. It also provides members with all the free coffee they can drink. Renteria visits a different local shop each week for the Lab's supply of coffee; when we visited, he had on a freshly brewed pot of JoBot coffee.

To find out more about the Lab and how to join, visit their website.

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