WWE's Stardust on WrestleMania, Battling Goldust, and Obtaining the "Ivory Enterprise"

The WWE superstar known as Stardust is what you'd call a colorful character, even by professional wrestling standards. Adorned in star-shaped face paint and his special "mevlar" bodysuit and gloves, he's eccentric, enigmatic, and a bit other-worldly whenever he makes an appearance on such WWE television shows as Raw and Smackdown. He's also quite entertaining.

A space oddity of sorts who's just to the left of Mars, Stardust is a bizarre being who's obsessed with the cosmos and fills his interviews with references to astronomy, comic books, and other unusual subject matter. Since debuting last summer, the character (portrayed by wrestler Cody Rhodes) has also sought such objects as the "Cosmic Key" or the "Ivory Enterprise."

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