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The guys at Relics do all the work for you, poor souls: They travel to Europe to personally select cool old stuff for their shop — and, by association, you. At Relics, they specialize in antique architectural and garden features — think hand-carved fountains, shabby-chic pottery, and architectural ironwork. If you are doing some landscaping, Relics is a great place to stop in to look for special items.
Love plants but have a black thumb? There is a business for that. Pearson & Company in Scottsdale leases you the plants, and its staff comes in to water and prune them, and, if they die on their watch, Pearson & Company will replace them. This is a perfect option for those who travel a lot. Or, if your Arizona home is one of many, and you would like a fresh hosta plant when you do the snowbird thing here.
There are countless skits on TV about getting friends to help you move across town. It really isn't funny, though, because friends shouldn't be swindled into moving for you. Hire some creative types who know how to be delicate with your fragile items, artwork, and precious goods. Unlike with your friends, if something is broken, Creative Moving and Packing carries insurance to cover it. So leave it to the professionals and invite your friends over for pizza and beer once everything is in place.
Keep your ride clean for a freaky low price at Clean Freak Carwash on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Van Buren. Get in and out in three minutes with its $5 car wash, or sign up for a monthly plan and get unlimited car washes. Pay $12 a month for a Nice 'n' Clean wash, which includes scented soaps, soft foam scrub, and spot-free rinse. Upgrade to the Freaky Clean wash for $16 and get a few extras, like a rim and tire scrub. Or, for $18, get the Obsessively Clean wash, including triple foam wash, Turtle Ice Wax, and paint protector. Clean Freak also offers free self-service vacuums.
Like many spas in the Valley, this Scottsdale spot offers a relaxing atmosphere and a tranquil feel, but we keep coming to Jurlique for the copper soaking tubs. Filled with salts, flower petals, and detox herbs, they'll let you soak your stress away. Jurlique grows its own herbs on site — that's only one of the ways this spa sets itself apart. With only six treatment rooms, it's not the largest spa in town — and we like that. It's big enough to accommodate a couples' massage room for custom aromatherapy massages, and that's just right by us.
The life of a tiny dog is rough: Jumping around trying to be cute and constantly having people pet and love you is exhausting! Pamper your hard-working pooch with a trip to Mackie's Parlour. The upscale pet boutique has a huge section of gorgeous collars and harnesses to make your prince or princess feel like a million bucks. Don't know what size to get your little one? Owners Vince and Tony are two of the friendliest people you will ever meet and will help you every step of the way — even if it means running around the store to show you every single harness in your pup's size. Like any good pet boutique, the shop offers high-quality dog food and treats, luxury dog beds, and a little bit of bling to help even the saddest pound puppy feel loved.
We originally dropped in to this family-owned and -operated pet supply store because we'd heard about the pair of orange tabbies who live there and like to be petted by customers. We love a good store cat, and so we popped by to say hello to Chong and Quincy — both of whom were fast asleep when we arrived, and wouldn't be roused no matter who was shopping. And shop we did — because we were so wowed by the array of healthy foods and treats and toys for Fluffy and Fido back home. Brothers Steve and Rich have created a unique place for pets and pet lovers alike to browse for animal-friendly stuff. The "Wash" in the title refers to pet grooming and bathing, and it's done in specially designed washtubs designed by a local metal artist. After dropping Spot off for a quick shampoo, stop by the Wag's all-natural pet biscuit bakery, where dog and cat treats are made with all-natural ingredients. Shelves nearby are stocked with the best organic and raw pet foods so that, whether he likes it or not, your pup can get healthy, starting today.Readers' Choice:
If only there were an indie store in Phoenix where we could shop for everything from bamboo toothbrushes to locally made clothing and jewelry, the best bags, and even a pair of TOMS shoes. Oh, wait, there is! You'll have no problem finding cute and unique gifts for your best friend, her baby, your mom, boyfriend, and, of course, yourself, in this adorable shop. Be on the lookout for the newest styles from TOMS shoes, Free People, and the latest and greatest from local designers. Frances also carries a pretty sweet selection of stationery and candles, and don't even get us started on the accessory section.
The neatest little shop in all of Phoenix offers a little bit of everything —including a pair of flight attendants, who recently opened their dream boutique on West Thomas Road — and it's fast become our dream boutique, as well. Wedged into a cozy space right across the street from Phoenix College, Saint 22 offers candles, handmade soap, jewelry, handbags, ceramics, and a ton of artwork and handcrafts made by local artists. Among Saint 22's specialties is a wide variety of fancy yarns and knitting supplies — all of it displayed beautifully in a constantly changing pile of cool stuff. As if that weren't enough, the guys at Saint 22 have called in a lot of local experts to teach us all how to craft and knit and crochet and, well, if this weren't the best boutique around, we'd start thinking about opening our own!
Muse stocks everything a chic label-whore would adore, from a $16 costume necklace adorned with funky, organic twig balls to $150 Design Studio jeans. Sure, the threads are killer, but the reason we flock back to Muse (despite its NoPho Safeway strip mall locale) is the one-on-one attention you'll get here. Not sure whether the lavender Idylle top you're crushing on flattens your boobs? Ask storeowner Victoria Shrewsbury and she'll point you in the direction of a more flattering empire-waisted shift that'll make your girls looks perky (and maybe some fashionable nipple tape to prevent any cold-weather embarrassment). She's like the girlfriend who's willing to honestly answer the age-old question, "Do I look fat in this?" — but perhaps with a little more tact than your friend.

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