Best Place to Play Horseshoes 2017 | The Monastery | Fun & Games | Phoenix
Legend has it that nailing a horseshoe near your front door is a good thing, but we’ve heard conflicting instructions — open-end up keeps the good luck in the house, but open-end down wards off evil. We don’t want to take a chance on doing the wrong thing (and horseshoes would really clash with our decor), so when we want just a bit of that good horseshoe juju, we play a couple of rounds at The Monastery in east Mesa. The bar/restaurant is located in a Santa Fe-style house and has a little something for everyone, including a full menu, plenty of TVs, cornhole, volleyball, live entertainment, giant Connect 4, and the aforementioned horseshoe pits. The Monastery is family-friendly as well, making it an ideal place to take the kids for an afternoon of fun. Just be careful: We’re pretty sure hitting a youngster with a horseshoe is bad luck — whichever end is up.

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