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Having a run of bad luck? Can't seem to shake a feeling of dread or impending misfortune? You might need the protection of the evil eye. In a superstition common in the Mediterranean world and beyond, a blue-and-white teardrop-shaped ornament on your wall or wrist can fend off malevolent energy. Also known by its Turkish name, nazar, the glass charm is placed over a door frame or on the wall in Turkish homes and businesses. Short of taking a trip to Istanbul, your best bet for finding the evil eye in the Valley is at Bernie's Beads. Owner Bernie Lawitz specializes in international beads, including the nazar variety. He has tons of the blue-and-white beads, not to mention a few historic ones that were crafted several thousand years ago. Lawitz's previous store, Beads Galore, was open for 40 years in Tempe before he closed down last year to move to his current location in Mesa. In addition to the evil eye, he stocks run-of-the-mill beads of every color and shape. No guarantees that those will turn your luck around.

Save your Spencer Pratt jokes, because being "into" crystals is totally en vogue. Don't buy it? Pop by CenPho shop Fantasia Crystals just north of Camelback Road on Seventh Street. There, you don't need expertise or any relation to Heidi Montag to indulge in occult, metaphysical, or Wiccan pursuits. Indeed, Fantasia is home to a School of Magickal Arts, where you can learn in courses on the basics of paganism, an intro to divination, and spell-casting. Not ready to commit to your inner Sabrina Spellman? No bother. Fantasia also offers in-store psychic readings, jewelry, and, of course, enough crystals to make the reality TV villain smile from ear to ear.

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