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Is it possible to converse with those who've gone to the great beyond? The Victorians certainly thought so. Not to speak ill of the long-since deceased, but these people eagerly believed in paranormal poppycock like Ouija boards, seances, and mediums, the popularity of which was born of the era's obsession with death. Such subjects are discussed at the Seances and Spiritualists Tour once a month during fall, winter, and spring inside the circa-1890s Rosson House in Heritage Square. These TED talks of the macabre explore how the era's low life-expectancy rates (most didn't live past middle age and half of all kids kicked the bucket by 5) led to many folks reaching out to the hereafter. Ghastly Victorian-era practices like visiting morgues for entertainment or dressing up corpses for photos are also covered. If all this leaves you in need of a stiff one afterwards, elixirs and charcuterie follow at The Bungalow event space next door. The series is currently on pause at the moment because of the pandemic, but we're sure its organizers will be talking about the dead again soon.

If the producers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever recast the role of Thor, they oughta give pro wrestler Alexander Hammerstone a call. The blond beefcake and Glendale resident has the rugged good looks to play the Asgardian superhero, not to mention a godlike physique. Seriously, the man is more cut than a sliced apple. Hammer-stone, who's signed to indie federation Major League Wrestling, boasts heavy-duty biceps, eight-pack abs, and triceps that make Charles Atlas look like a weakling. He puts his muscles to use every week on the Major League Wrestling: FUSION television show, easily tossing opponents like lawn darts with suplexes, powerbombs, and the "Nightmare Pendulum," a swinging side-slam that's his finisher. When he's not bringing the pain (please Hammerstone, don't hurt 'em!), he's posting videos of his exhaustive workout routines on social media, including deadlifting more than 400 pounds. But Hammerstone isn't all brawn and no brains; the dude's got a sense of humor, too. During a match at Crescent Ballroom in 2015, he engaged in an impromptu drum-off against a masked luchador. It was just as hilarious as any of the God of Thunder's jokes in Thor: Ragnarok.

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