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We appreciate a stylish pair of sneakers — on ourselves or others. So we love to browse the offerings at Many Worlds in central Phoenix. The clean, hip space is stocked with kicks from Nike, Adidas, and more, including plenty that are hard to find. On a recent visit, we ogled the Air Jordan 1 in a variety of colorways, super-comfortable Adidas Yeezy slides, and even tiny Nikes for little sneakerheads. Many Worlds shares space with Reshoevn8r, a sneaker-cleaning store and service, meaning our shoes always look their best. Besides sneakers, Many Worlds also carries branded hats, T-shirts, and water bottles, meaning we can truly look cool from head to toe.

You can really mess yourself up with a bad choice in running gear, so there's really no substitute for having smart, helpful staff who listen even better than they give sound advice. We find it every time at Runner's Den, where we start with laying a strong foundation for our feet before we delve into all the practical but fashionable running clothes we keep acquiring in the hopes it'll keep people from noticing how all that movement makes us sweat our butts off. Between group runs, workshops, injury clinics, and charity events, we constantly find ourselves getting smarter about the way we run. We love the camaraderie that develops from spending time here and meeting people for whom running might be a routine form of self-care or a chance to achieve a lifetime milestone. It's all about positivity and stretching yourself, which can't help but carry over into all those other places you test your limits in life.

Trill is a high-energy hip-hop shop promoting the genre's four fundamental elements: breaking, MCing (rapping), DJing, and graffiti. For starters, there's a dance floor in the middle of the shop for b-boys and b-girls to breakdance; in May, during their third-anniversary shindig, Trill hooked up the best breakers with $3,000 cash. Trill also provides a stage and sound system for local rap artists and DJs to perform, and they hook up graffiti artists in town with plenty of paint and wall space to use it on. In addition, the store slings everything hip-hop: the dopest streetwear from brands such as Supreme and Anti Social Social Club; art supplies; music in vinyl, CD, and cassette formats; DJ gear; sneakers; and toys and collectibles.

Cowtown Skateboards touts the fact that it focuses on "skateboarding only," allowing the circa-1997 chain with stores around the Valley to dial in on providing the best products at affordable prices. Cowtown sells brand-name decks, trucks, bearings, grip tape and wheels, skate gear and sneakers, slaps, skate mags, helmets and pads, and other merch — even healing cream in case you munch it. But besides just selling things, Cowtown is also dedicated to nurturing the local skateboarding community. The company hosts skateboard events throughout the Valley, including some that are for locals only and some that benefit charity, as well as PHXAM, an event that draws competitors from around the world. Whether you're a beginner dropping in or a pro flying in to compete, Cowtown has the knowledge and gear to get you off the ground.

If you're wondering about that zero-waste life or just want to take small steps toward a more sustainable existence, Desert Refillery is the place to start. Since 2020, owners Kyle Walters and Tiffany Skoyen have been working hard to bring the zero-waste philosophy to Phoenix and educate the community through their passion. Desert Refillery is the place to go for a bring-your-own-container station where you can fill your vessel with laundry detergent, dish soap, hair conditioner, and more. They also carry various sustainable products for everyday life, such as beeswax wraps and compostable utensils. Outside the shop, you can find them on Instagram giving tips, tricks, and recommendations for living more sustainably.

We're fortunate to live in a state where the outdoors recreation is so easily accessible. But making the decision to hike, camp, kayak, or boulder means needing gear, and to us, needing gear means a trip to Arizona Hiking Shack. We go to the large, neatly organized shop for apparel from well-known brands like Columbia; rope for rock-climbing; camping gear from tents to lights to food; hiking shoes; and safety equipment to make it home in one piece. The website is sparsely stocked, but don't let that fool you. The store is chock-full of equipment for pretty much any outdoor activity you can do in the state. Arizona Hiking Supply also offers classes like Backpacking 101 and a large section of books and maps, because really, knowledge is the best tool of all.

If the giant "Bicycles" sign doesn't tell you what this retro-looking shop on Indian School Road sells, the window panes made out of wheels and spokes should do the trick. Landis Cyclery has been fixing and selling bikes in the Valley since 1912, and now has a location in Phoenix, two in Tempe, and another in north Scottsdale. If you need a new bike, or maybe just a little air in your tires, Landis is ready to help. The large store's stock includes road bikes, mountain bikes, kids' bikes, bike helmets, cycling shoes, gloves, tires, you name it. The shop also offers bike maintenance and services to get your dusty ride up to speed. Just try not to end up gathering armsful of merchandise as you wait, as we can't seem to avoid. Helpful staff get you set with everything you need to hit the streets.

Everything is in earth tones. There's always a brass shelf. Cristin Clark has curated her shop in downtown Mesa into a time capsule of the 1960s and '70s with pieces she's sourced from all over metro Phoenix. Large pieces of teak furniture sit in the window, staged with pothos vines and restored artwork that give off the same vibes as an old-school James Bond film with a bit of extra bohemian charm. Clark has been curating and collecting furniture and vintage memorabilia most of her life, so the aesthetic of Buckhorn Vintage comes naturally. The best way to keep up with the latest items in the shop is through Facebook and Instagram; make sure to follow so you don't miss out on that piece you've been looking for.

If antique shopping was an Olympic sport, this is where you would want to train. You can build up your endurance strolling through all the aisles filled with objects, then get in some weightlifting when you try to carry the bag with all your fun finds. One day, you might find a collectible you've been trying to track down for years; another time, you could stumble on the perfect piece of vintage furniture for that quirky space where nothing else ever seemed to look just right. The selection here is huge, and the shop is filled with unexpected finds thanks to the hundreds of vendors who bring their quirky delights. You'll find home and office decor, jewelry and accessories, and plenty of craft items or artworks that can transform your spaces into wonderlands of vintage color and design.

When you're done binge-watching a bunch of baking shows, it's perfectly natural to have the uncontrollable urge to throw on a ruffled apron and dig through your cupboards for just the right baking cups. Right? It's happened to us more than a few times, and we always feel better knowing this baking supply shop is there to inspire new edible creations with fun themes, colors, or designs. We love looking for just the right baking tool, fondant, or luster dust. And it's great to have the option of ordering from their catalog when you're got the luxury of planning ahead for parties where your cakes or other goodies have to bring the wow factor. We never feel embarrassed to ask questions, and we never get tired of trying new things using what we've found here, whether we're cooking for a big family reunion or a small office shindig.

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