Best Souvenir Store 2022 | Kactus Jock | Goods & Services | Phoenix

Our gorgeous winter weather often brings with it out-of-town visitors. We feed them, entertain them, and when it's time for them to buy some souvenirs to take back with them, we show them the goods at Kactus Jock. The two Old Town Scottsdale locations have a wide selection of souvenirs that are fun without being cheesy. Relatives and former roommates have snapped up T-shirts with the official Old Town Scottsdale logo, hot sauces from Cactus Carlos, spring training shot glasses, desert-themed metal art, and plenty of postcards to send home. But Kactus Jock isn't just for tourists. We may arrive with visitors in tow, but we leave with stuff for ourselves, such as Mexican glassware and Arizona-made spice rubs.

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