Drop-in Improv Classes

Courtesy of The Comedy Spot Comedy Club

So, you think you’re funny? Prove it during Drop-in Improv Class at the Comedy Spot, 7117 East Third Avenue in Scottsdale.

This hilarious how-to is for everyone, from those struggling with public speaking to stand-ups trying out situational comedy or improv veterans looking for more stage time.

The weekly 6 p.m. classes are led by actor and comedian Sean Dillingham, who has appeared in FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and spent time studying with the legendary Los Angeles improv and theater company the Groundlings, whose famous alumni include Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, and Will Ferrell.

Participation is $10 to play, $5 for a friend. No advance registration is required, but plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Sign up online at thecomedyspot.net or call 480-945-4422 for details.


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