Past Event

Location Info:

Trunk Space
1124 N. 3rd St.
Phoenix, AZ  85004
With Sean Bonnette, Hi My Name is Ryan, Dinosaur Love, Bailey Pyritz, Roar, The Doyenne, Jaime J. Soto, Level T, Rock Dogs, Los Esplifs, Andy Warpigs, Drut, WestOasis, Jerusafunk, Egg Princess, The Wilt Family, Betsy Ganz, E.B. Workman, Lonna Kelley, Gene Tripp, Zero Degrees North, No Lungs, The Dittemores, Hostile Work Environment, Plants After Dark, Born Ready, Sunny, Robot (Re)pair, Hollowpoint Vigils, Drats!, Velour Academy, The Rebel Set, Acne Superstar, Connor Carmody, Rad Fucking Ocelot, Fever Few, Shamika Moore, Her Mana, Kristin Hart, Ben Anderson, Jessica Whitney, Ache, Blu Joy. mr.UU mister double U, Genre, El Googly Diablo, What Happened To Judy Winslow?, The Invisible Teal, Majestic Dubs, Scott Gresser, Treasure Mammal, Seth Kasselman, Ben Nandin, Corn Smut, Peach, Ravenhair, Mouse Dog Bird, FutureSleep, Wrong Hole, The Beings From Sirius A, Kerosene Achieves Truth, Shred Kennedy, Never Endeavor, Tsone, Black Cube Angel, Spider institute, Ancient Egypt, The Smiling Faces, Assholes, Dumpster Bros, Gracie Reed and the Sunspots, 2trainz, TOSO, Kawaii Robot Shark, Maximum Roach, Rotting Yellow, Man Hands & more

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