All Pierogi Kitchen | Mesa | Ukrainian | Restaurant
Dominic Armato

All Pierogi Kitchen

All Pierogi Kitchen was always good, but this is a place that gets better and better with each passing year. Though officially a Ukrainian restaurant, All Pierogi Kitchen is a charming family joint that acts more like a repository of pan-Eastern European comfort food, less concerned with precise borders than with capturing the meat-and-potatoes essence of the region. The namesake pierogi shine, thick and buttery, stuffed with myriad fillings, and they sing when paired with sausage griddled to a fresh, juicy snap. Meaty mains such as a hefty beef goulash or the beef plov plied atop cumin-scented rice are enough to fill your belly for days. The chicken Kiev, predictably, is a revelation, rich and buttery and loaded with dill, and the pork schnitzel puts our local German restaurants to shame. And if that wasn’t enough, the attached market offers a panoply of frozen pierogi and plenty of chilled soups to go.