Georgann Yara

Bar 1912

Hidden behind the restaurant on Seventh Avenue, Valentine’s love letter to Arizona cuisine continues in drink form. The entry of Bar 1912 is marked only by a neon sign that reads “Cocktails.” Inside, Mission revival-style niches behind the bar framing bottles, but the space’s feeling, down to its staff-curated vinyl, is a nod to Japanese listening rooms. Bar 1912’s menu takes cues from Arizona, including a quintet of cocktails inspired by the state’s five Cs. Try Cotton or Cattle. Cotton packs a playful pistachio flavor that conjures thoughts of pistachio cotton candy, while Cattle riffs on a classic Manhattan, infusing rye whiskey and añejo tequila with bone marrow. The fat-washing results in a velvety spirit-forward drink without the bite. Chef Donald Hawk and his team crank out elevated bites inspired by classic bar snacks, such as foie gras-stuffed olives and whipped pimento-raclette cheese. This all makes Bar 1912 a solid standalone spot or a perfect part of a splurge-worthy night that includes dinner at Valentine.