Bruno Mali's Cafe & Gift

Although the name may lead you to believe this is some sort of early morning coffeehouse hangout or little gift shop filled with trinkets where patrons sip tea, don’t be deceived. What lies behind the door is a bar known for its cheap drinks and hip hop scene. Bruno Mali’s Café & Gift is best known for its weekly Monday DJ night, A Foreign Affair, which kicks off at 10 p.m. The vibe is easy and casual, and the music is often mixed in early ’90s hip hop style. The place promises to be a dark, slightly swanky bar that’s probably packed with weeknight warriors and attractive twenty-somethings getting down and dirty. This Central Phoenix hole-in-the-wall is also known as a haven for artists, and the walls are decked out from floor to ceiling with paintings by locals. Among the throng of dancing bodies, there’s regularly an artist on hand to paint or draw live as part of the entertainment.