El Encanto Dos

Bring an extra stomach when you visit this popular Mexican eatery (the sister to the Valley favorite El Encanto), so that you can order twice as much delicious food. Start with the combo beef and chicken fajita quesadilla, and also the beef taquitos, crispy and meaty and served with yummy avocado/tomatillo dipping sauce. Then go for the Fundido, a cheesy, white-meat chicken delight that's made best here. Other specialties here include shredded beef tacos served with rice and beans, both of which could make their own meal, they're so tasty. Be sure to ask your waiter to explain the origin of each dish-if you're into that sort of thing-because we've found the staff here to be super-knowledgeable and happy to share information about what you're eating. This, somehow, makes everything all the more tasty. Thank you, El Encanto!

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