FrinGo's Kitchen | East Phoenix | Puerto Rican | Restaurant
Lauren Saria

FrinGo's Kitchen

Puerto Rican specialties here include pernil (roasted pork shoulder), bistec encebollado (steak with caramelized onions), and pollo guisado (braised chicken with potatoes). Hard-to-find Puerto Rican sodas are available, too: a coconut soda, Coco Rico, that's sweet but not sticky-sweet, and Goya Cola Champagne, an orange cream soda. The tostones at FrinGo's, served with the obligatory side of ketchup-mayonnaise, are perfectly fried slices of plantain. House specialties include pollo guisado, a stew of bone-in chicken and potatoes with adobo-like seasonings over fork-tender meat. Pastelillos, a Puerto Rican turnover, can be filled with a number of meats, the best of which might be the moist shredded chicken and pork. The traditional carne molida (ground beef) and bistec (steak) aren't half-bad, either.