Fruitti Sweets

3326 N. 19th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85015
Best Of
This Mexican heladería specializes in one very sweet treat: sundaes. Fruitti Sweets’ layered confections are so good you’ll forget all about the ready-made pints in the grocery store, or those 31 flavors you remember from childhood. For less than three bucks per bowl, the price is right too. Load up your sundae with scoops of flavors like dreamy chocolate ice cream, boysenberry sorbet, and sugar-free caramel praline. Then finish your custom creation with toppings like ripe strawberry syrup, super fresh coconut flakes, colorful sprinkles, and pink and yellow sugar wafer cookies. And of course you can get a classic maraschino cherry to complete the picture. This ice cream shop has other treats too, like nachos, Mexican Coke in glass bottles, and chile tamarind raspados. For a south-of-the-border ice cream headache like no other, there’s nowhere in town like Fruitti Sweets, located in West Phoenix off of 19th Avenue and Osborn Road.
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