Que Chevere | Mesa | Venezuelan, South American | Restaurant
Jackie Mercandetti Photo

Que Chevere

After four years behind the stove of the Venezuelan food truck Que Chevere, Orvid Cutler and Maria Fernanda expanded to a brick-and-mortar restaurant in downtown Mesa (a Main Street that has become something of a dining destination). The food is classically Venezuelan, with arepas leading the way. The thick griddled corn flatbreads come as sides with plate-style dishes of shredded beef, rice and beans. Loaded with fillings such as shredded chicken and black beans, they come as main dishes. Plenty of sleeper hits fill out the menu. These include the Patacon, a sandwich "bunned" on fried plantains, and the Cachapa, a corn pancake packing hauntingly nuanced sweetness. A bar mixes tropical drinks. The kitchen rolls out hot, stretchy tequenos, Venezuelan cheese sticks, every morning. Curbside pickup is available. Call for takeout orders. And yes, there is still a Que Chevere at various outdoor events.