TurkDish Mediterranean Cuisine

TurkDish is a small, family-run Turkish restaurant tucked into a Chandler shopping center. The restaurant’s specialty is homemade döner, sometimes known as Turkish gyro, a highly seasoned, thinly sliced roasted meat that’s deliciously tender and juicy. Other specialties include Adana kebab, a spicy sausage-like grilled meat, and Iskender kebab, featuring slinky döner bathed in a buttery tomato sauce. TurkDish also offers a top-notch selection of meze starters, including a wonderful baba ganoush and lahmacun, a thin flatbread that’s sometimes known as Turkish pizza. For dessert, don’t miss the restaurant’s baked-to- order cheese pastry, kunefe. Even if you skip dessert, though, your meal at TurkDish will inevitably be capped off by a complimentary cup of dark Turkish tea.