What Do Gambling Oddsmakers Think of Arizona’s Marijuana Legalization Chances?

What Do Gambling Oddsmakers Think of Arizona’s Marijuana Legalization Chances?
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Polls seem to show that Arizona is about to legalize recreational marijuana this Election Day, Tuesday, November 3.

But polls are polls. Where are the betting lines set?

As of today — Monday, November 2 — the online betting site MyBookie thinks Proposition 207 passing is the odds-on favorite:

Recreational Marijuana Voted Legal In Arizona Through Proposition 207?

Yes (-190)
No (+145)

With bets, a minus before the number indicates the favorite. The odds are based on winning $100 in a given bet.

So, if you put $100 on Proposition 207 passing, and you’re right, you’d win about $52.

If you bet $100 that it won’t pass, and you’re right, you’d win $145.

(If you’re interested, the wager cut-off is 5 p.m. Tuesday.)

Meanwhile, Biden at -170 is the favorite for president on MyBookie, with Trump at +130.

Democrats are heavily favored to win the popular vote, at -700 compared to +400 for Republicans.

Which party is likely to get Arizona’s electoral votes is much closer, with the site offering odds of -130 for the Democrats and -110 for Republicans.

Somewhat terrifyingly, there’s a prop bet for which day the presidential loser will concede the election. On that bet, the favorite is “November 13 or later.”

Now might be a good time to start bracing yourself for that possibility. 
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