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People’s choice: High Times wants you to judge best weed in Arizona

60 Arizona brands submitted 141 products for judging by recreational consumers in this year's Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition.
For its second Cannabis Cup in Arizona, High Times opened judging to everyday consumers.
For its second Cannabis Cup in Arizona, High Times opened judging to everyday consumers. O'Hara Shipe
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The High Times Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition, the easiest way to score the state’s best weed at unbelievable prices, is back for a second year.

The second-ever rendition of the competition in Arizona calls on consumers to purchase bespoke High Times branded totes stuffed to the brim with products from one of 12 different judging categories, including deli flower, pre-rolls, concentrates and edibles.

After sampling the products, consumers are expected to submit reviews via an online portal before Jan. 21. While submitting reviews is requested of kit purchasers, High Times said that following through is based on the honor system. Category winners will be announced via a digital Awards Show on Feb. 5.

High Times' Cannabis Cup events have been happening since the 1980s, when they began as an underground competition in Amsterdam. Over the years, the cups have taken place above ground all over the U.S. and have featured panels of experts and cultivators to judge the best legal weed available. But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, necessity expanded the cup's judging pool to everyday consumers.

"In the face of COVID-19 with events being forced to shutter across the globe during 2020-2021, High Times once again proved its resilience despite statewide lockdowns across the country. We’ve reinvented our renowned competition to let all those at home get in on the fun and crown the region’s best," said High Times of the reimagined cup.

The new Cannabis Cup model gives recreational consumers an unprecedented opportunity to affordably sample a wide-array of products. In total, 60 Arizona brands submitted 141 products for judging this year, according to High Times.

“This year will feature more categories than ever before, expanding the palate of taste and smell to exemplify the best and most potent cannabis Arizona has to offer,” High Times said in a press release.

The number of products in the kits varies by product category. The gummy and fruit chews kit is this year’s largest and contains 25 items. For flower connoisseurs, the indica kit has 17 grams of product and retails for $149.

While the number of products is staggering, the number of judging kits is limited to just 2,100 statewide. As of last week, High Times reported having just over 1,000 unclaimed kits available for purchase.

Only adults age 21 and older can participate in Cannabis Cup Arizona. A full list of dispensaries with kits still available is listed below:
  • Health for Life: 21035 N. Cave Creek Road, Suite C 3-4
  • Health for Life: 5550 E. McDowell Road, Mesa
  • Health for Life: 7343 S. 89th Place, Mesa
  • Health for Life: 9949 E. Apache Trail, Mesa
  • Noble Herb: 522 E. Route 66, Flagstaff
  • Earth’s Healing: 2075 E. Benson Highway, Tucson
  • Earth’s Healing: 78 W. River Road, Tucson
  • Sol Flower Dispensary:  1322 N. McClintock Drive, Tempe
  • Sol Flower Dispensary:  22041 N. 23rd Ave.
  • Sol Flower Dispensary:  14980 N. 78th Way, #204, Scottsdale
  • Sol Flower Dispensary:  3000 W. Valencia Road, Suite 210, Tucson
  • Sol Flower Dispensary:  4837 N. 1st Ave., Tucson
  • Sol Flower Dispensary:  6026 N. Oracle Road, Tucson
  • Mint Cannabis:  5210 S. Priest Drive, Guadalupe
  • Mint Cannabis:  17036 N. Cave Creek Road
  • Mint Cannabis:  2444 W. Northern Ave.
  • Mint Cannabis:  1211 N. 75th Ave.
  • Mint Cannabis:  2620 W. Encanto Blvd.
  • Deeply Rooted Boutique Cannabis:  13713 N. A St., El Mirage
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