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10 Best Back to School Parties in Metro Phoenix

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Those college kid-friendly bars and clubs that are still alive and kicking, however, are eager to welcome you (and all your student loan money) back and are holding a few parties this weekend in your honor since classes begin at ASU and other schools over the next several days.

Here's a rundown of ten place to get down and get a drink at before you get shackled by the burdens of higher learning.

Gringo Star Street Bar

This Mill Avenue hangout will be the site of four nights of celebrations by way of its XXIV Karat Maroon + Gold Weekend, which -- curiously enough -- kicks off at sort of the beginning of the week. Later tonight, electronica artist, club DJ, and ultra-busy producer Clockwork will launch the party series with a set filled with trap, hip-hop, and loads of bass. Two nights later on Thursday, August 21, his onetime cohort Felix Cartal will takes over the bar's DJ booth and sound system.

And the actual weekend at Gringo Star will be filled with just as much sounds and spirits when Power 98.3's Chris Villa controls the mixers on Friday, August 22, and DJ Convince will wrap things up on Saturday, August 23. Each of the aforementioned gigs starts after 9 p.m. There's no cover, but $5 will allow you to bypass the line outside.

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