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Artist Deon Doughty Is Chronicling the Local Music Scene, One Painting at a Time

Painting, to paraphrase the late Jackson Pollock, is an act of self-discovery whereby every good artist paints what he is and what he knows. And local painter Deon Doughty would certainty agree, since he's spent the last three-and-a-half years doing just that.

The 43-year-old artist is one of the biggest die-hard supporters of the Valley's music scene that you'll ever meet. Hands down. And since 2011, he's used his fervent love for local bands and musicians to inspire a number of paintings capturing some of Metro Phoenix's brightest and most talented performers doing what they do best.

Dubbed the "AZ Rockstar Gold" series, Doughty's artistic creations depict a "who's who" of local music -- including such names as singer/songwriter Walt Richardson, Garnet of Dry River Yacht Club, bassist Paul Cardone, and comedy rocker Page the Village Idiot -- usually in mid-performance. Each of the 30-odd portraits, which are often rendered in silhouette fashion using shades of gold and blue paint, are a snapshot of a single moment in time that convey the subject's energy, personality, and verve.

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