This weekend Phoenix indie-poppers Boys and Frogs released their new video, "Old Tribes" and album, Rain Dance Snowed In, at MADCAP Theaters.

We blogged about the video premier a few weeks ago, but couldn't share the actual video at the time, which we are now happy to do, as it's really quite an impressive effort.

Filmed with help from the crew of the CBS program Criminal Minds, the clip in Phoenix and Los Angeles, the Arcade Fire-esque tune features everything an upcoming indie band needs in a video: pensive stares, bicycles, cityscapes, and a gratuitous shot of a bottle being smashed over the head of pretty band member Carissa Encinas.

Boys and Frogs "Old Tribes" Video Now Available to Stream

Boys and Frogs "Old Tribes" from Boys and Frogs on Vimeo.

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