Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez Furthers His Sci-Fi Empire with The Amory Wars

It's a major feat to create art that facilitates an entire spectrum of fandom. Take, for example, the newest Disney acquisition and the very first hugely popular sci-fi event: the Star Wars franchise. Some elect to dress as Stormtroopers in their wedding photos, but most fans simply have a pedestrian appreciation for stuff like scrappy heroism and intergalactic arms races.

Since 1998, huge-haired high-concept singer Claudio Sanchez has devoted every aspect of his prog-tinged emo outfit Coheed and Cambria to building an immersive science fiction storyline known as The Amory Wars. Thus far, the interplanetary narrative has spanned seven albums, a parallel series of comic books published by Sanchez's Evil Ink press, and it looks like it's heading to the multiplex, too: Mark Wahlberg and the Leverage production company inked a development deal to bring the saga to the silver screen with Sanchez last year.

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