Enrique Iglesias Shuns Anna Kournikova Yet Again, with Ludacris, in "Tonight"

Leave it to Enrique Iglesias to channel lust into a dance hit all about f-ing. The Spanish singer just has this impossible-to-pinpoint, irresistible charm that excuses his chauvinistic qualities and makes him radio gold.

But at least he knows he's a pig, and this is the second song where he implores a lady at a club to forgive his forwardness. His rumored girlfriend Anna Kournikova better watch out, with all these groupies at the clubs Iglesias is going after. In "I Like It," he sang, "Girl, please excuse me if I'm coming too strong," and in his current single, the eerily similar, "Tonight," he belts, "Please excuse me, I don't mean to be rude, but tonight I'm fucking you." (In the radio version, he so much more nicely substitutes "loving" for "fucking".) Well, Enrique, since you said "please"...

How exactly does he aim to win the girl over? Ever the gentleman, he sings, "You're so damn pretty, if I had a type, then baby it'd be you. I know you're ready. If I never lied, then baby you'd be the truth." Then he straight-up admits his player qualities, singing, "You know my motivation, given my reputation." Once again, poor Kournikova is getting played!

Ludacris plays wingman to Iglesias--at least, hopefully they're not pursuing the same woman. His rap, surprisingly, is all about sex, not dating. He raps, "Winter n' summertime, when I get you on the springs, I'm a make you fall." Aw, how sweet--he compares their hook-up to the seasons.

Why is it that so many performers are only focused on sex and not on actual relationships when they see pretty girls? And why is it that hooking up with a different girl every night is acceptable to these guys? Iglesias seems to have convinced himself that he can have mattress mambo with any girl he chooses, and that's a scary thought considering there's little courtship involved.

Que malo!

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