DJ Dossier

Erik "Riot Earp" King on Microgenres, Beatport, the Future of Moombahton, and Whether or Not Seapunk is a Joke

Erik King is probably unlike any other DJ or producer in the Valley. The 29-year-old, better known by his nickname Riot Earp, wouldn't be caught dead mashing up Skrillex, Deadmau5, or any other overexposed EDM artist. Instead, King prefers work in little known microgenres you've probably never heard of, such as Juke, Kuduro, and his own creation Jerkaton (a combination of Jerk hip-hop and reggaeton).

He also has a lot to say on the subject of microgenres during his DJ Dossier interview, as well as why he abhors Beatport, and the listening tastes of EDM fans. Read on for a full rundown of said subjects, as well as many more.

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