Five Super Tuesday Songs

In case those persistent robo-calls and that "Ron Paul Revolution" sticker on your neighbor's Hyundai haven't made it clear, it's an election year folks. That means today is Super Tuesday; the day the Republican presidential candidate picture becomes a whole lot clearer. After winning big here in Arizona last week, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is hoping to pull ahead of Republican hopefuls Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich for good (despite the reluctance of just about everyone to embrace him).

The political thermometer makes the normally uneventful day something of a big deal. In light of today's delegate snagging votes, we've compiled some Super Tuesday songs of our own to mark the occasion.

(And if you're wondering, our money's on that Kid Rock boost really pushing Romney to the forefront.)

5. Stone Temple Pilots - "Church on Tuesday"

Mitt may be a bad Mormon, but he's counting on the religious vote to help him beat that "Muslim Kenyan-born socialist." Ay-yi-yi!

4. Yaz - "Tuesday"

The futuristic digital bleeping in this 1980s gem harks back to the days of Reagan -- something Repubs desperately fancy doing.

3. The Smithereens - "Groovy Tuesday"

Today is bound to be groovy for one of these guys.

2. T-Bone Walker - "Call It A Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad)"

Rick Santorum is hoping to swing enough votes to keep him afloat, but odds are he'll be singing the blues after this Tuesday.

1. The Rolling Stones - "Ruby Tuesday"

Just like Keith Richards said goodbye to Linda Keith, these guys will be saying so long.

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