Girl Talk Discusses Collaboration with Freeway

There is a moment in Girl Talk's episode of the Hulu documentary series A Day In The Life where he states he's never really associated with DJ culture, only to cut to several journalists asking him about DJing or his very small vinyl collection. Gregg Gillis, the name behind the moniker, wants Girl Talk to be associated with original music, despite the fact that he's layering snippets and samples of other people's work into something new.

"I do think that the general dialogue amongst people with sampling is always evolving," Gillis explains. "I feel like as far as the distinction between a DJ and a performer, it's not something that really concerns me at all. Making something original out of these samples is the core of what I do. Those lines have been just so blurred. I feel like it's less of a distinction now because there's just so many examples of original content that's based on sampling. The idea of a remix has become so commonplace.

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