Viva PHX

Guide for the Over-40 Set to Viva PHX

Viva PHX is back and you're a year older, 40-somethings. Bolder? Maybe. Clever, definitely, and probably more inclined to party downtown than last year. In fact, it's obvious the over-40 set is taking back the night, since so many of you are out and about on a regular basis, running the music scene, and making cool things happen without demanding to be noticed. Your generation practically runs the place anyway, but since the younger crowd isn't reading this, your secret is safe, at least for now.

Will you be biking around the festival this year? Bikes are really, really popular these days and it really is the best way to get around. Good for the air, good for your legs, and if your bike is super cool, even better for your image. Perhaps you'll depend on your hush puppies, which are probably desert boots or converse all-stars, and this is okay too, especially if you're not afraid of potential blisters ruining your night. Whatever your mode of transportation, Viva PHX is spread out like a mofo this year, and while you may have good intentions of seeing as much as possible, you still need a game plan.

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Tom Reardon has written for Phoenix New Times since 2013. He's been in several notable bands over the last 25 years including Hillbilly Devilspeak, North Side Kings, and the Father Figures.
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