Coachella 2015

How the Hell Do People Afford Coachella?

By: Marc Ballon

Hawaiian Sierra Blackford really wanted to go to Coachella.

It wasn't easy.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter juggled three jobs as a waitress, playing gigs at local bars and working in a slipper store to save enough for her concert tickets, heavily discounted airfare (She knows somebody in the industry.), camping fees and food.

Blackford has no complaints though. Talking just moments after Hozier's uplifting set, she said she couldn't put a price tag on the transcendence she experiences at Coachella. This two-time festival veteran said she found inspiration being surrounded by "great art and great music," as well as the 15 friends she came to the desert with.

"I have no care in the world here," said Blackford as she walked through Coachella's trippy art installations, featuring a giant moving caterpillar. "This is an amazing escape, and one of the best experiences you'll ever have."

And a pricey one.

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