It's Easter: Here Are Five Musicians Whose Careers We Would Resurrect

Easter Weekend is upon us my friends. Yes, the charming time of year when we hide plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and chocolate underneath rocks and behind trees. When children will spend hours devouring choco-bunnies and woofing down Starbursts while you get sauced on lite beer in folding deck chair.

Of course, there are a select few who remember the religious implications of Easter. Legend has it a few thousand years ago a guy named JC came back from the dead. Resurrected. It was quite the scene. People went nuts for this guy, and everyone was pumped to see him again.

It got us thinking: If we could resurrect any musicians career or dormant band, who would we pick? Sure, these bands and artists never turned water into wine, but they seemed to make the world a better place while they were crooning and performing. Why can't they be resurrected? Auteur directors like Tarintino make it a point to routinely resurrect careers (think John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, or Michael Keaton -- oh wait, that one did quite pan out). Why can't we simply will the following musicians back to their former glory?

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Blake Moscatello