It's Easter: Here Are Five Musicians Whose Careers We Would Resurrect

Easter Weekend is upon us my friends. Yes, the charming time of year when we hide plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and chocolate underneath rocks and behind trees. When children will spend hours devouring choco-bunnies and woofing down Starbursts while you get sauced on lite beer in folding deck chair.

Of course, there are a select few who remember the religious implications of Easter. Legend has it a few thousand years ago a guy named JC came back from the dead. Resurrected. It was quite the scene. People went nuts for this guy, and everyone was pumped to see him again.

It got us thinking: If we could resurrect any musicians career or dormant band, who would we pick? Sure, these bands and artists never turned water into wine, but they seemed to make the world a better place while they were crooning and performing. Why can't they be resurrected? Auteur directors like Tarintino make it a point to routinely resurrect careers (think John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, or Michael Keaton -- oh wait, that one did quite pan out). Why can't we simply will the following musicians back to their former glory?

White Stripes

Yes Jack, we can see your solo career is off to a great start. But come on, really? Jack and Meg can't honestly think they can give us what they did and just disperse. Get over it, guys. You made the magic. You can keep making solo records Jack (we're excited to hear them) but we don't want that to mean there can be no White Stripes.

Modest Mouse

Isaac Brock may have moved into movie soundtracks -- (listen to exclusive songs from his Queens of Country soundtrack) but we miss the taut, demented, rhythmic pulse of Modest Mouse. The band hasn't released a proper LP since 2007's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. Come back to us Modest Mouse. We miss you.

The Pixies

The reunion tours are fine, but we'd like to hear some new music from Black Francis, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal, and David Lovering. Luckily we have new music from Francis' project Grand Duchy on the horizon, but we feel like The Pixies still have that spark lurking in their collective heart. Come on, guys! Dinosaur Jr. has released two not-at-all-crappy records since they reunited.


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?uestlove of The Roots says that D'Angelo's long-awaited James River is finally due out this year (he hasn't released anything since 2000). Fans and Europe were recently treated to a glimpse of the new material, and reports were ecstatic. Is 2012 the year D'Angelo emerges from the dark, ready to wow us once again with his soulful voice? We'll see.

The Fugees

I know what some people will say. "Fugees?!" But honestly, they owned hip-hop for the few years they were together. Their lyrics were unprecedented with the gun-toting going on, and their beats were unlike most other albums to come out in the 90's. In 2004, they flirted with a reunion on Dave Chappelle's Block Party, but it only lasted for the duration of the Brooklyn concert. Please come back. Save us from all the "so many diamonds on my neck" bling-rap of today, and move past the weird paths you've all been on (religious tirades, failed presidential bids).

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