Concert Review

Matt and Kim Demonstrated Masterful Crowd Interaction at the Marquee Theatre Last Night

I had some technical difficulties on Monday night, so let me start with the fact that Matt and Kim, which performed at Marquee Theatre in Tempe, are spectacular in concert. I spent some time listening to the duo's latest album, Lightning, before heading out to the show, and there is just no comparing the recorded versions of Matt and Kim's music to the experience of them playing it in person.

I don't generally believe that any band brings a completely different shows to each stage every night, but I'll be goddamned if Matt and Kim comes close. The realist in me knows that some of the banter is canned and some of the antics play out the same way on every stop of the tour, but there is just no way to fake the level of electricity and fan interaction they achieved at the Marquee.

When interacting with Matt and Kim on social media, the user alway feels he is actually acknowledged by a member of the band and not by a member of the clique, which Matt and Kim confirmed from the stage. But in concert, it's like every fan personally had Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino come shake their hand and say "hi." They interact with the crowd that well.

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Jeff Moses
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