Miley Cyrus Acts Like She's Already 18 in "Who Owns My Heart?" Video

Miley Cyrus, writhing around in a blindfold

These days, it seems like a lot of female singers in their late teens are trying to out-do each other when it comes to sexing it up.

You've got Selena Gomez soaked and singing in the rain. Then there is Taylor Momsen, whose outfits of choice these days are vintage lingerie. And the latest starlet to make waves by stripping down to her skivvies is little Miss Miley Cyrus, whose video for "Who Owns My Heart?" was condemned by the Parents Television Council.

The clip starts out with Cyrus writhing on a bed wearing a mask and underwear. Seems Miss Miley is into bondage, because she goes on to sing about how turned on touching a guy on the dance floor makes her. The lyrics are pure fluff, with Cyrus debating whether it's the actual boy or the music that "owns her heart", but it's the sexy visuals that have parents shielding their kids' eyes. Especially since the girl is not even a legal adult yet.

Viewers then get to see Cyrus getting ready to go dance in a club-like setting in a mansion, a party which is clearly not one of those all-ages affairs 17-year-olds go to brood about their 'rents, but rather an alcohol-filled shindig. Once again, Cyrus loves to prance around in her underwear, as she does her make-up and hair wearing only booty shorts.

While dancing, she gyrates with both girls and guys (mostly girls), in-between looking like a stripper while atop a table. Her outfit is barely there, a backless halter top with short shorts that almost look like, once again, underwear.

It's sad and pathetic that Cyrus feels like she has to slut it up to break free of a good girl Disney image. The majority of her fans are barely high school kids, and she's promoting this very adult image that is meant to be shocking, but comes across as classless.

It is obvious Cyrus would have no qualms about getting busy in-between the sheets with whoever, which is interesting considering any person over the age of 18 would be raping her when it happens. It is sad Cyrus isn't vocally talented enough to stay relevant, so she has to resort to taking off her clothes in videos. The PTC is right--she's a pretty horrid example of how to be a self-respecting teen.

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Nicki Escudero
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