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New Michael Jackson Album: Completely MJ?

Lots of people are eagerly awaiting Michael Jackson's posthumous record Michael, which will be released December 14.

So am I.

But after listening to a pre-released single, "Breaking News," I have my doubts that the recording was untouched after Michael passed away. It sure doesn't sound like the song is 100 percent MJ to me.

Actually, there's just no way it's all him singing.

It's no secret that Questlove of The Roots is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. However, even he tweeted about his skepticism on Tuesday, saying, "mark my words Sony, aint NO way you gonna convince me this is all him (mj) #awwHELLno!" Well said, Questlove (@questlove).

The new album's tracklist was released today, and it turns out that we'll be treated to much more than just one new track, including a song featuring Lenny Kravitz and another featuring 50 Cent (I certainly didn't see that one coming).

A rough cut of one of the other tracks on the album, a rendition of "Hold My Hand" that MJ did with Akon, leaked two years ago. I'll give it to MJ on that one: there's no doubt it's him. But now that he has passed on, who's to say that someone didn't mix the hell out of all the vocals on "Breaking News" or other tracks on Michael?

There's something about "Breaking News" that doesn't sound quite right. It could be the overdubbed highpitched vocals around 3:17, or maybe it's something else entirely, but whatever it is, it's a little off, and I'm not buyin' it. Decide for yourself:

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Lenni Rosenblum