Podcast: Glochids

By Steve Jansen

I’m pretty sure that I don’t know a more interesting cat than James Roemer, the Tempe-based sound artist behind Glochids (pronounced "Glow-kids").

Last year, Roemer worked and lived in the wilds of Nevada. Now, at the moment, he is stationed in Antarctica, where he will be working as a carpenter for six months. (Gotta check out his GLO Blog. There are some amazing photos of the South Pole.)

Glochids’ music reflects Roemer’s non-traditional lifestyle. A just-released album on Distant-Colony Records showcases all sorts of ambient interesting-ness, such as field recordings of “bats pitched down to birds” and solo vocal performances used in the Mr. Fishsticks Shadow Puppet Theatre.

Here’s a short track from the disc called "GGGTTTRRR."

And one of the backing tracks used in Mr. Fishsticks, which was constructed with Roemer’s voice only.

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Steve Jansen
Contact: Steve Jansen